Thursday, July 24, 2014

Important Announcement
..and a Re-Post

Jonah Moyo and Devera Ngwena - Vol.10

Good evening, the past few days engineers have been busy
making the final ajustments and testing the new page. This
weekend the Global Groove is about to migrate. We are
moving to the following URL,
So no more blogspot and no more webhosters to spoil the fun.
I am very happy to announce the new and independent GG.
From next week you will be redirected to the new adress when
visiting us, don't be surprised it's all been planned carefully.
You'll find all the old posts, from the very beginning in 2008
untill today, copied and restored. Downloads will come from
the GG's own dedicated server so NO bloody body can throw away
any of our precious files again. I want to ask fellow bloggers to
change the link on their pages when relevant from this week-
end, that would be really nice, thanks in advance.
We will appear without thumbnail of our latest post, that is
a shame but there's no way when using Wordpress as we do.
Still, thumbnail or not, I'm gonna continue preserving the old
and almost forgotten gems from the past. African, South
American and Caribbean grooves can be found here as
usual and we'll start with some of the hottest pacific
stuff imaginable, better be there.

For now, Jonah Moyo with one of the older albums in a re-post.
To make you remember, loads of goodies waiting for y'all ...


1   Masvingo ne carpet
2   Huyai mose
3   Ngatishandei pamwe
4   Victoria falls
5   Unobuda nepi
6   Ndakatadza here
7   Uchaendepi
8   Ndochema naani

Jonah Moyo

Sunday, July 20, 2014

El Legendario Juan Polo Valencia

Yesterday my friend Sanjay paid me a visit in my
little shop, we sat on a juice and a southern pacific
cruise..listened to some of the lp's he brought for me.
Plenty material to look forward to. I promised to start
with this one by the legendary Juan ( Juancho ) Polo
Valencia. We spoke about the idea of ripping 78's in
the future. Until today I am unable to record any, not
being in the posession of a 78 turntable. It seems we
are missng out on loads of good stuff from Colombia's
past from before the 33 era. Who know's what's yet
to come..

Juan Polo Valencia spent his whole life playing and travelling.
He was born in Concordia, ( Magdalena ) Cerro de San Antonio,
september 18th, 1918 and died july 22nd, 1978. The death of his
wife Alicia Maria Hernandez Paes became the inspiration to the song.
'Alicia adorada', together with highlites such as Veni Veni, Lucero
espritual, Si si si and Sio sio I added it to today's album that also
begins with one of his bigger songs called El pajaro carpintero.
The best interpreters of his work are Alejo Duran, Jorge Oñate, Carlos
Vives and Egidio Cuadrado. Listen to the great Juancho Polo Valencia !


 1   El pajaro carpintero
 2   La azucena
 3   Carmencita
 4   Quiereme negra
 5   No puedo aparentar
 6   Te vas y me dejas
 7   La pesedilla
 8   El provincianito
 9   Mi sombrero blanco
10  Se me presentaron dos
11  La palmarina
12  La saguas del manzanares

Bonus tracks;

13  Alicia adorada
14  Veni veni
15  Lucero espiritual
16  Si si si
17  Sio sio

El Legendario Juan Polo Valencia

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cumbias Tipicas - Various Artists
Discos Fuentes

Well Chuckie Jo, that is so nice to hear that I could not
resist posting you some cumbia straight away. American
rednecks that love cumbia are quite rare I reckon and the
fact alone calls for a reward. Suck on this collector for a
while, it contains songs by the finest artists in the field.
Cumbia is such happy music, I can fully understand
you getting addicted to it, I am a sucker for it too..


 1   Anibal Velasquez y su Conjunto - El aguacero
 2   Banda y Coros Campesinos de Repelion - Macondo
 3   Calixto Ochoa y su Conjunto - Recordando el pasado
 4   Pedro Laza y su Combo - La misma vaina
 5   Ariza y su Combo - El escorpión
 6   Andres Landero - La pollera rosada
 7   Michi y su Combo Bravo - Se fué la cumbia
 8   Eliseo Herrera y su Conjunto - El mangle
 9   Orquesta Casino Tropical - Noche serena
10  Rufo Garrido y su Orquesta - Vamos pa'el cumbión

Cumbias Tipicas

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Jonah Moyo and Devera Ngwena -
Follow the Crocodile
One Heart Management Limited 1988

Goodmorning groovers, today's contribution is one I really
enjoyed ripping for yall. Jonah Moyo's guitar is uncomparable
with any other. Sparkling chimurenga from Zimbabwe you don't
want to miss. We had a couple of his wonderful albums before
and I can tell you, it is not taking very long anymore before they
shall all be available again. The work on the new page is getting
along quite well and if nothing goes wrong next week, I think we
can launch around the end of this month.

We have got some goodies waiting for you when the new Global
Groove goes online; Bavon Marie Marie, Grand Kalle, Empire
Bakuba for example, we've got various Pinduca's and samba
from Brazil, Guillermo Buitrago, Alejandro Duran, Pedro Laza
and other Colombian highlights, Haitian Compas, Ghanaian
highlife, Salsa, Juju etcetera..what is your favourite music ?


1   Makeyi wakakanya
2   Rwafashukira
3   Ndoenda harare
4   Ndiwe
5   Mudiwa lameck
6   Ndodada nezimbabwe

Follow the Crocodile

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Mavoungu lolo Lolitta & his Likwe-Likwe Band
Establishment Bonne Musique 1978

Remember Lolo Lolitta ? We had several albums of
Tchico Tchicaya with Lolo and some by his own hand.
This one is from 1978, sleeve says 1979, and was recorded
in Abidjan Cote d'Ivoire. Like the lp's we heard before,
it does not disappoint, what do you think ?
btw, the vinyl looks as new but b-side
sounds second hand I'm affraid..


1   Ambiance a Abidjan
2   Samboulouma
3   Malelissa

new link

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Best of the West - Various Artists
Part One

Some time ago I received an email from Joshua Brill from
Stamp the Wax.
He asked me to make a compilation of West African music
for his webzine and so I did. I picked some of the finest
Ghanaian highlifes available, off course I am posting it for
you as well. Get it & spread it as usual, enjoy..

Off course Ghana is just one country, Ngoni is right about that.
comps with highlights from the other West African countries
will follow..


 1   Ashanti Brothers Band - Kill me and fly
 2   African Brothers Band - Yaa amanua 2
 3   Master Bob Akwaboah - Mame
 4   Lucky Boys International Band of Ghana - Afua nyama saman pa
 5   Dr. Paa Bobo International Band of Ghana - Ehye wo bo
 6   Okukuseku International Band of Ghana - Any trouble
 7   City Boys Band - Nya asem hwe
 8   Kyeremateng Atwede & Kyeremateng Stars - Su su ka
 9   King Onyina - Akwantu mu nsem
10  Nana Ampadu's African Brothers Band International - Aketenkye
11  K.K.'s No. 2 - Tua na woho nkom
12  Opambuo Intenational Band of Ghana - Hu anim ase nkyene

new link

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Segun Adewale and his Super Star International
I Love You, Kay-Nath Records 1987

We had one of his lp's before and two with Shina Peters.
Fortunately this time no christian songs as far as I know.
I love the sound of juju but can't stand any religious messages.
This album has some hiss at the beginning and side two is
completely out of centre but sounds fairly okay. 1987
Yoruba juju you don't want to miss, I especially
love the rhythms, how about you..?


1   Oko tun tun
-   Mo jere
-   Ero
2   Late papa obafemi awolowo

I Love You

Friday, June 27, 2014

Plutarco Urrutia y su Conjunto - La Manguita
Carnaval 1979

I just knew one song by this artist, it came from a Discos Fuentes
collector and is called 'Esperando a Patricia'. You might have found
it on my Colompilation vol.5. The lp we have here today was found
for us in Cartagena by my friend Sanjay who brought us loads of
wonderful albums already, it came home with him recently.
It is one of the rarest lp's at the GG and I'm proud to
bring to you today. So, do not hesitate if you like
Colombian music, get it & spread it..


 1   El compae goyo
 2   La viciosa
 3   El sube y baja
 4   Muchacha bonita
 5   Hace tiempo
 6   La manguita
 7   Maria elena
 8   Puente del amor
 9   El toro cachon
10  Salsa y sabor

la Manguita

Sunday, June 22, 2014

I.K. Dairo & his Blue Spots - the Green Eagles
of Nigeria, Star 1976

Yesterday we tried to support Ghana with it's game
against Germany and it seems we booked a tiny succes.
They played 2 - 2 and it was a great match. Last night we
had Nigeria against Bosnia-Herzegovina, I am too late to
give them our support with this lp but they gained their 3
points anyway. Listen to I.K. Dairo's tribute to the Green
Eagles of Nigeria and enjoy, 1976 juju from the top shelf..


1   Irohin ayo t'ode b'awa
-   Ohun t'ojuri ni addis-ababa
-   Green Eagles
2   Bi mo ba r'ajo
-   Lawrence idonije
-   Ere mi a d'ale
-   T.o.a. ajiboye
-   Adeniran aluko
-   Iku ye l'ori mi tefetefe

the Green Eagles of Nigeria

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Noble Adu Kwasi & his Sweet Sound International
Band of Ghana, Star / Shakara Music

On the web I saw them call this soukous highlife, the highlife
side is dominant for my account. Today Ghana plays it's
second game at the world championships and this one is
meant to support them. With Germany as their opponent I
guess they can use some extra backwind. Guitar and
organ go hand in hand on this lp and the sound is, part
from some minor crackle, fresh and clean. Horn
arrangements and vocals round up the atmosphere.
Most of their albums are produced in Abidjan, Cote
d'Ivoire, as was this one and I'm not sure if they
were stationed there as well. When listening,
don't know about you but
I couldn't keep still..


1   Oman beye yie
2   From-from
3   Eyaa bole
4   Ankonan boafo
5   Onya me ye
6   Wahala no good

Oman Beye Yie ! ( new link )